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A Black Painted Cafè located at the Edge of town. It's as simple as that. "Good Evening, Welcome to Black Edge Cafè."
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Welcome to Black Edge Cafè~
Merry Christmas! We wish you a fun holiday~
Happy 1st Anniversary to our Cafè~!


 About The Cafè

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PostSubject: About The Cafè   About The Cafè I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 25, 2009 6:48 pm

The Cafè is created at Christmas.
Why Christmas?
Well, It's nothing really special.
Call that "Sudden Crave for Forums." (members all sweatdrops)

It's pretty cozy and laid-back here.
no tension at this place, no electric shock (duh, of course)
Newcomers-safe (lol), no predator in here.

At Cafè, you're free to talk about anything, right?
So, it's the same at here.
You're free to talk here, about your life, about today, about new games, about music, about food, even it's okay if you want to talk about weather! (please read "Cafè's Etiquette" for further information)

all age is welcome here, from child to old geezer-next-to-your-home.
that's why, DON'T add adult contents, be it's pictures or discussion.
as long as you can type and read (by help or by self), it's fine.

I'm a new moderator too, so...
let's do our best! Very Happy

-signed, the mod.
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About The Cafè
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