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A Black Painted Cafè located at the Edge of town. It's as simple as that. "Good Evening, Welcome to Black Edge Cafè."
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Welcome to Black Edge Cafè~
Merry Christmas! We wish you a fun holiday~
Happy 1st Anniversary to our Cafè~!

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 Let's talk about the cafè

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PostLet's talk about the cafè

well, just in case.
this cafè is made during Christmas (if you still don't know XD)
the cafè owner, just say his name is Syr, is just bored during holiday.
and then time passes, as they said, when you're bored time passes like water runnin' down shower.

then, an idea struck him.
what if I created a forum?
then, he excitedly open Google, his best friend, to ask about how to create forum.
(as in, a free one, cause he's broke lol)
then he stumbled at a website called forumotion.

after reading lotsa tutorial, he created a forum.
and then is confused again.
"forum title, huh.."
after digging to his brain (it's not that deep actually XD), he got a name.
that name comes from this theme.
well, it's black, have an Edgey frame, and.. a cafè sounds cool.
then, that's settled! Black, Edge, Cafè! (now you know owner brain is a simple brain)
and-and-aaand, he expands the words Black Edge Cafè to "A Black Painted Cafè located at the Edge of town.

then proceeds to add "It's as simple as that." well, it really is as simple as that XD
"Good Evening, Welcome to Black Edge Cafè." the greeting is customary, just giving retro feel y'know X3

and I made a little story about the cafè in imaginary world lol XD
the story is like this (don't laugh ppl, don't laugh)
on a cold night during Christmas, a lone boy is spending the Christmas with nothing to do, not going to church, not throwing a party, not talking to friend, just.. nothing.
as he spends time alone at the bench near the park, he's thinking about what to do, since this Christmas just passing like every other day.
as his long white hair blending into the surrounding, the wind blows the coldness of winter trough his coat.
then he reflects, he's got a talent at cooking, brewing, and an idea hit him.
'what, if, there's a place to share it with. say... a cafè.'
'That's it!'
Then he rushes off to meet Professor Google, the all you know professor (it's a wonder he's alive people), he asked about stuff, and Professor Google sends Syr to Agent Forumotion, Agent Forumotion is so kind, you can get a free space for cafè, then Syr decided to choose the one near the edge of town, and he invites his friend after that, there's the grumpy boy Emasmurni, the young cute lass Selena, and the pretty boy Lore, and and aaand----
wait wait wait wait, what?, since when this turned into a crack story?
well, let my fingers do the work, hahahaha
I swear that earlier, I was planning to write a serious story! but oh well~ XD

yeah, that summarize it, sorry if I repeated some things~
lol, stay tuned for Syr blog entries! XDDDDD

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Let's talk about the cafè :: Comments

Re: Let's talk about the cafè
Post on Fri Sep 17, 2010 5:58 pm by Hint_of_Mints
...ummm, I don't really like ginger though....

do you like ginger, Berry?
Re: Let's talk about the cafè
Post on Fri Sep 17, 2010 6:43 pm by Big B
Yeah, me too. It always tastes bad in my mouth and smell not good in my nose. Puhh.

And, sorry. I'm not Berry. My name is only B. =p
May be you wrong. Very Happy
Re: Let's talk about the cafè
Post on Thu Sep 23, 2010 6:22 pm by Hint_of_Mints
I thought of the same thing!! XD

oh.. wrong address? hehe
'kay B~
Re: Let's talk about the cafè
Post on Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:16 pm by Big B
hm, yewp". I hope I won't eat it anymore. >,<

Hahaha. Good".
Um, can anyone just open a new topic ?
Re: Let's talk about the cafè
Post on Sat Dec 25, 2010 5:17 pm by Hint_of_Mints
Oh sure, of course anyone (who is registered) can open a new topic!
no money will be taken, dun worry XD
Re: Let's talk about the cafè
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Let's talk about the cafè

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